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We are Facilitated - a Melbourne based strategic branding and communications agency focused on helping businesses capture the hearts of customers.

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We all need to belong, fit in & be loved.

The products and services we buy reflect our personality and contribute to our identity - So understanding what values we are representing is critical to our buying decisions.

Your brand is not just a logo - it’s a living, breathing energy that needs to engage & be loved to reach its full potential.

Defining and consistently communicating your core brand values is necessary when creating content that touches the hearts of people.

Why work with Facilitated?

Our team of Brand Matchmakers™ work with you to understand the values and motivations of your desired customers and identify competitors vying for their hearts to build a unique personality and engagement strategy for your brand that customers can fall in love with.

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What our clients say

“In partnership with Facilitated, we have taken our business to a whole new level. I am really excited at the prospect of working with the team into the years ahead.”

Simon Black

Director – Simon Black Academy