About Facilitated

Facilitated is a Melbourne based branding agency focussed on helping businesses capture the hearts of consumers.

Who Are We?

Facilitated is a Melbourne based branding agency focussed on helping businesses capture the hearts of consumers.

Our Vision

For every business to understand and harness the full potential of their brand.

Our Mission

To help meaningful businesses understand their value, tell their story, and create meaningful relationships with their customers through strategic branding and calculated implementation.

Our Story

While working together on a technology venture, our founders George and Steve were constantly approached by businesses who were struggling to wrap their heads around the difficult and confusing task of connecting with consumers. Through working with these businesses they fell in love helping brands build relationships with their desired users and supporting their success in today's fast-paced, disloyal world.

Branding is everywhere - we are constantly exposed to it, but not a lot of us understand it and very few are able to harness the power of branding to drive loyalty and growth. In our experience, business owners and managers often don’t understand or appreciate the power of a well-executed brand strategy. Unfortunately, we see many businesses throwing money at creative agencies without getting results and worst of all cannibalising their existing brand equity

We formed Facilitated, a branding agency based in Melbourne, to help businesses understand and drive growth through brand strategy and execution, avoiding the pitfalls of uninformed creative and marketing activities.

The Facilitated Foundations

Love Thy Customer

Successful businesses are built on forging loyal customer relationships. We show businesses how to love their customers, so that their customers can love them.

Calculated Creativity™

The best decisions are made with an outcome or goal in mind. We work with our clients to formulate meaningful strategies that avoid the cost of ‘creativity’ for the sake of ‘creativity’.

Partners in Brand

We are your Partners in Brand. We always do our best work as we rely on the success of those we work with to continue doing what we love.

Education Not Illusion

We’re not here to trick you - we’re here to help you. We want the brands that we work with to understand the work that we do and why we do it.

Why the ‘Brand Matchmakers’?

When starting our business, we hatched a plan to help our clients understand what we do and why we do it. We came up with the concept of the ‘Brand Matchmakers’ - a team of brand strategists and managers that support businesses to form long-term, valuable relationships with their desired users. Much like traditional matchmakers - Facilitated helps businesses identify their desired customers, make lasting first impressions, and nurture their customer relationships through brand strategy and ongoing management.

Our Founders

Steve Buhagiar

Creative Director

Our Creative Director, Steve Buhagiar, gained a first-class honours degree in Industrial Design from Queensland University of Technology and has won awards including the 2015 Braun Prize (short-listed project), 2017 James Dyson Award (national runner up), and 2015 Virgin Australia Wayfinding Competition (winner).

George Newman

Managing Director

George Newman, our Managing Director, co-founded an App Development powerhouse with games in the Apple and Android stores having been downloaded by over 200 Million people worldwide before moving into startup and technology investment.

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