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Canary Scuba is a scuba diving tech startup who are developing a novel scuba safety device to allow easy communication of air pressure data between dive buddies.


Due to their upcoming product launch the canary scuba team needed assistance in improving their web presence and management of their social media.

With no useable website, a custom design and build was required to provide information on the product and link through to other appropriate resources.



Working with the client, we first identify the core brand values that we want to convey through our rebrand. From a customer centered approach, Facilitated Digital maps the customer journey to define brand touchpoints specific to the client.


Our creative team then creates design concepts to visualise these defined brand values at each customer interaction.


After discussing available options our final concept is selected and refined through client feedback.


The final stage of our process sees the creation of design documents, development and testing of the website and project delivery.


After working with Canary Scuba to understand the intricacies of the niche scuba diving industry, facilitated digital conducted a full website build using the provided existing 3d design and video assets and took over their social media accounts.

Pre launch traction results are already showing with their instagram following growing over 700% within the first three months under Facilitated Digital's control.


The website provides details on the product and outlines the companies mission to 'Reimagine Scuba Safety'.

Utilising video, imagery and 3d graphics provided by the client we have developed a responsive web design that simply and clearly explains the functionality of the new product.


Social media presence is critical when launching a new product. Our team managed Canary Scuba's socials with both original and sourced content, growing the following over 700% in three months.

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