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About our brand. A Melbourne based digital marketing agency that 'Makes marketing easy.'

The previous Facilitated Digital website displayed on a MacBook


Initially Facilitated Group, Facilitated Digital broke away from the perent company to focus on its digital marketing operations.

Whilst keeping the original logo icon, a full rebrand was required to realign with the new values of Facilitated Digital.



Working with the client, we first identify the core brand values that we want to convey through our rebrand. From a customer centered approach, Facilitated Digital maps the customer journey to define brand touchpoints specific to the client.


Our creative team then creates design concepts to visualise these defined brand values at each customer interaction.


After discussing available options our final concept is selected and refined through client feedback.


The final stage of our process sees the creation of design documents, development and testing of the website and project delivery.


Facilitated Digital - Making marketing easy. Our new slogan embodies our ability to help clients navigate the confusing world of marketing.

A full branding suite including business cards, letterhead, brand guidelines, custom website and advertising materials have been created.

Our launch campaign depicts imagry of everyday items which 'make it easy' such as a juicer or a shredder to associate our brand.


To stay true to our make it easy slogan, the site has been custom coded to simply illustrate our service offering and portfolio sections.

The bespoke site build is responsive for all screen sizes and optimised for fast loading.


In addition to the updated website, a rebrand of all business collateral and documents was undertaken.

As an education and training provider building trust and authority is crucial in the conversion of their students. A simple and clear display of information within a consistent format allows for a streamlined user experience.

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