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Lead by Head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, David Younan, and spanning multiple disciplines including BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts, Legends is a unique gym positioned in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

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Legends Mixed Martial arts had a strong brand that was not cohesive across all mediums. Different brand components including logos sizing and alignment, fonts, colours and imagery were not consistent across all applications.

Their website was not compatible on many browsers and the overall design did not fit the brand direction that the business had established, nor was seo largely considered in the layout and copy that was displayed.



Working with the client, we first identify the core brand values that we want to convey through our rebrand. From a customer centered approach, Facilitated Digital maps the customer journey to define brand touchpoints specific to the client.


Our creative team then creates design concepts to visualise these defined brand values at each customer interaction.


After discussing available options our final concept is selected and refined through client feedback.


The final stage of our process sees the creation of design documents, development and testing of the website and project delivery.


A brand document was created that was consistent with their mission and worked as a guideline for the client across all areas of digital marketing and branding.

We used the guide as our drawing board for the website that we designed and developed for the client. This guide was also utilised when forming their social media and marketing strategy that focused strongly on their brand and used imagery consistently across applications.

A social media and campaign strategy with the client was developed - resulting in a strong, cohesive brand that resonated with their target market and assisted in the growth of their business.


Acting as a lead capture machine, website development focussed on information transfer and encouraging potential fighters to train with Legends. We developed the website with the first time experience of walking into the gym in mind, giving the user the feeling of what it was like to be inside the gym.

Photography &

The unique design of the gym and intensity of the sports that are trained needed to be front and centre throughout their branding. Our in house photographer attended sessions to take high quality imagery and video which have been utilised throughout website and social media applications.


The client required that every touchpoint that a member would interact with was to be brand aligned. Email marketing, registration forms, flyers and more were created according to the brand guideline document to ensure the user experience was consistent.

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