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Migraine Specialist was created with the goal of increasing awareness of the condition, as well as to provide approved treatments for sufferers.

the dedicated Headache and Migraine Treatment Clinic offers patients Headache Specialist General Practitioner, Specialist Neurologist and Headache Nurse Specialist support, as well as access to PBS and Medicare approved treatments for migraines.

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The previous Migraine Specialist website displayed on a MacBook


maintaining the existing trademarked logo, the client wanted to change the way their brand was percieved to prospective clients.

Feeling that their original brand was clinical and sterile, the client wanted to soften their brand to be more approachable. A cohesive branding package including website, email and print collatteral was required to ensure that each customer touchpoint is consistent to their new brand personality.



Working with the client, we first identify the core brand values that we want to convey through our rebrand. From a customer centered approach, Facilitated Digital maps the customer journey to define brand touchpoints specific to the client.


Our creative team then creates design concepts to visualise these defined brand values at each customer interaction.


After discussing available options our final concept is selected and refined through client feedback.


The final stage of our process sees the creation of design documents, development and testing of the website and project delivery.


to eliminate the clinical feel of the original brand, the new aesthetic features soft abstract neurological symbolism and a modern sans-serif font. these new brand elements visualise the approachable brand personality whilst maintaining a link to the clinics service offering.

each element of the brand works together to create the overall feel - the original brand colours and logo are maintained to not alienate the existing client base throughout the transition.

the repetable curved design is utilised across web and printed brand colatteral to ensure consistency throughout the customer journey.


The goal of the migraine clinic website is to encourage engagement from potential patients in the form of booking a consultation and act as a knowledge resource for migraine sufferers.

Through clear and simple data capture points, call to actions and information pages the website has succesfully simplified the user experience.


To ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, we updated the aesthetic of the existing suite of branded materials including business cards, information brochures and letterheads.

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