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Brand Empowerment

Branding is not something to be looked at once every few years, it is fundamental to the success of your business. The world is changing constantly, and so are your customers' views, wants, and needs - this makes staying on top of your brand imperative to the long-term value and security of your business. Who is in charge of brand in your business? Every organisation needs someone to hold the torch of its brand - be it the owner of a small business or an agency like us. Our Vision at Facilitated is for every business to understand and harness the full potential of their brand, so we work across multiple service pricepoints to accommodate all businesses.


Our D.I.Y programs empower sole operators and small business owners to take full control of their brand, autonomously.


Our assisted programs give business owners the know-how to take control of their brand with support from our expert team.

Full Service

Let our experienced team of Brand MatchmakersTM take the responsibility of branding off your plate so you can spend more time doing what you’re great at.

Branding +

Brand Strategy

Identify what’s special about your brand through research and analysis to create an informed strategy that aligns with consumer values and motivations.

  • Brand Audit
  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • User Persona Creation
  • Business Naming
  • Brand Strategy Document Creation
  • Messaging Architecture

Brand Identity

Create a visual identity system that appeals to your customers will fall in love with and a guideline that ensures consistency across all touchpoints.

  • Logo & Visual Identity Systems
  • Visual Language Creation
  • Brand Guidelines Development

Brand Management

Guarantee that your branding is maintained consistently and evolves throughout the life of your business to keep the flame alive with your users.

  • Content Strategy
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Ongoing Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Strategy Monitoring
  • Brand Crisis Management
  • Media Planning

Branding for Investment

Are you a startup looking to raise money for your business? Our team has had years of experience investing in early-stage ventures and pitching for investment. We love working with startups to align their brand strategy & formulate a compelling pitch.

  • Pitch Writing & Auditing
  • Presentation Deck Design
  • Information Memorandum Design
  • Other Key Investment Documentation Design

Content Creation +

Workshops & Education +

Additional Services +

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